Statutory Clearance

Sl. No.



MGM Minerals Ltd.


Patabeda Iron Mines (28.397 Ha)

IBM Approved MP/MS with Production

MS/FM/34-ORI/BHU/2015-16/3919 Dated - 28/03/2016 Enhancement of Production from 0.8 MTPA to 1.5 MTPA (ROM) Obtained Vide Letter No - MSM/FM/28-ORI/BHU/2017-18/2184 Dated - 24/11/2017

State Pollution Control Board Clearance

Consent to Operate obtained vide letter no. 3363/IND-I-CON-5427 Dated - 25/02/2016 Valid upto 31/03/2021

Environmental Clearance

Environmental Clearance obtained vide letter no.J-11015/92/2004.IA.II(M) dated. 21.07.2005 for 0.16 MTPA. Enhancement of production of Iron ore from 0.16 MTPA to 0.8 MTPA obtained vide letter no. SEIAA/33 dated. 11.12.2009. and 2830/SEIAA Dated - 21/01/2015

Forest Clearance

Forest Clearance obtained over an area of 23.581 Ha. vide MoEF letter no.8(21)28/2003-FCE dated. 30.12.2005.